"Graduation Projects that converse with the world, Graduation is not the end but the new chapter"

TEAM20 focuses on the graduation projects and aim to give students a platform for their unique voices in terms of architecture, urban and rural development, built environment issues and in general, man-land relationship. Graduation projects can be seen as architecture graduates’ accumulation of efforts throughout their academic years. The process involves deciding the topic, choosing base, investigation to proposing a solution; students have to overcome many obstacles to complete the project. This is why graduation project will always hold a special place in all architecture people’s hearts. Started out in 2013 and will be celebrating our 8th year, this event encourages exchange between architecture and planning sectors as well as students’ self-expression. Due to covid-19, we have decided to hold the even online this year. Hosting online also means a great opportunity for us to expand our scope of participants in the other countries and this can elevate the quality and quantity of interactions in the architecture and planning field. In other words, 2020 will be a greater stage for all graduate students to present their graduation projects.

*All of the dates are based on GMT+8 time zone.


Start of Submission


End of all submission


Announcement of accepted individual submissions projects


Preliminary competition jury grouping lots drawing


Preliminary Jury Viewing


Final Jury Viewing


Nominees Announcement for the Finals


Online Exhibition of Team 20’s 8th Annual Architecture and Urban Planning Graduation Project Competition


Winners Announcement

For considerations of fairness and profoundness of each jury viewing, we have divided the competition into two different groups. One is the “Architecture Design”, and the other one is the “Urban Planning”. Participants can decide the groups they want to be competing in, no matter what their major is. Participants can only register for one group, and no alternation is allowed after registration.


Division Details:
. Architecture Design

Designs that focus on the architecture itself, the space and the structure
. Urban Planning

Designs that deal with relationships among neighborhoods, communities, land uses and urban and rural areas

  1. Participants must be a 2020 undergraduate of the architecture and planning related fields. Each post-secondary institution is only allowed to submit 2 graduation projects per category. (meaning 2 for architecture designs and 2 for urban planning, a sum total of 4 submissions)

  2. The submitted work must be a graduation project of 2020, and we accept both individual and group projects (in the case of a group project, only one representative is required to register on behalf of the group), each project can be only registered once.

  3. Registration for competing groups (Architecture Design/Urban Planning) depends on the graduation project content and can’t be changed after registration.

★  Projects recommended from post-secondary institutions will have the priority to be accepted. When recommending, please register through the exclusive recommendation link provided to each institution departments. If the participant wishes to register without a recommendation, the registration and submission can be done directly from our website.
★  We only accept maximum 4 projects per institution (2 from Architecture Designs, and 2 from Urban Planning). When the total projects received hits the limitation, the ones recommended by the institution will have the priority in submission acceptance. The rest be determined by first come first serve basis (by submission time and date). Team 20 encourages our participants to register early.

  • There are two steps:

  1. Submitting Electronic Files:
    Cover Picture: rectangular picture laid out horizontally as the main display cover in a jpg format with the resolution of 1920 x 768.

    b. Representative picturex1(A picture that represents your project) square, in a jpg format with the resolution of 1920x1920

    Content pictures x20(Pictures that display your content), square and in jpg format, all with the resolution of 1920 x 1920,
    author's name,  school name and related information can't be disclose on the pictures for unfairness. Please name the file as follows:【Competing Group_Name_Order of Pictures】
    Eg:【Urban Planning_Jane Bolton_1】【Urban Planning_Jane Bolton_2】(Please clearly specify the sequence of your content pictures to ensure juries’ understanding of a project)

    d. A Portfolio in PDF format,A4 size, with the resolution of 350dpi(for post-competition publication and promotion purposes)
    Please state clearly on the cover of the portfolio participant’s name, school and title of the project

    e. Copyright Disclaimer (Please download the form on our website) Author’s signature is required on the form. Please sign, scan and upload the file in PDF format (All members’ signatures are required for a group project)

    Please DO NOT compress any of the  files above(a,b,c,d,e, 5 required files), upload all the files to the Cloud space, the file name shall be named in the following sequence: 【(Competition Category)_(Name of the Institution)_(Name of the Participant) 】 (for example: Architecture Design_U of HK_AliceMiller) ,and the download link shall be provided to Team 20 through the registration forms online. The link shall be available from the time of submission till September 1st, 2020. After September 1st, 2020, the link access can be taken down.

  2. ​​​Fill out Online Registration Form (For those that are recommended by their department, please register through the invitation link we provided to your school representative; individuals registration please perform on our website)
    Fill out your personal information, contacts and project details. Then upload the representative picture in a jpg format, and attach the cloud link of the project on the form.

(Please download on our website) Author’s signature is required on the form. Please sign, scan and upload the file in PDF format (for group projects, all members’ signatures are required)

Both Architecutre Design and Urban Planning cateogy will select winners for following honors:

  • Selection Honor
    Participants that score at least 7 points in the preliminary will receive our electronic certificate. Please contact us if you’d like a hard copy of the certificate. (Postage and printing fee are user-pay)


  • Exceptional Honor x30
    The winners’ projects will be published in TEAM20’s competition exclusive publication in the future and receive an exceptional honor certificate.


  • TEAM20 Award x 2
    The final 2 winners will receive an exclusive publication, a certificate and trophy


  • TEAM20 First Place Award x1
    The winner will receive and exclusive publication, a certificate and a trophy plus NTD 20,000


  • Strong and Lifelong Support
    All the winner’s project will be featured on team20_global’s Instagram account (with more than 10 thousand follower worldwide, as well as involvement with global architecture related accounts)



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