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A Grand Event in the Architecture and Planning Field

TEAM20 Architecture and Planning Graduation Projects Competition is an annual competition that focuses on graduation projects. We listen to what 20 something has to say about issues on architecture, urban and rural development, built environment issues and in general, man-land relationship. Started out in 2013 and will be celebrating our 10th year. TEAM20 has been upgraded to the concept of "Metaverse". TEAM20 is also the first event brand to hold graduation competitions and graduation exhibitions in the Metaverse.

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Nominees Announcement for the Finals


Architecture Design

  • 野性的呼喚:谷關狩獵假期 / 淡江大學〈張峻加〉

  • 工业纪念性与生活日常性的交织:从塞德里克·普莱斯欢乐宫到宁波渔轮厂改造设计 / 清华大学〈杨昕璇〉

  • 坦白 Confession-城市鬱言 Whisper of the City Blues / 淡江大學〈蔡宜恩〉

  • 鹽景別後輓歌 Sayonara, Salina! 成功大學〈劉岱恩〉

  • 鐫刻大地 / 成功大學〈陳怡融〉

  • The Renascence : Conservation of Historical Ganja (Cannabis) Mahal, Naogaon

  • Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology〈Taorem Rahul Singha〉

  • 津门新市井 —— 城市原点与当代生活天津大学〈任英辉〉

  • 都市培育计划 深圳大学〈曾南蓝/郭杰宏〉

  • 疫質下的過濾城市-大型公共空間再造計畫 大葉大學〈楊以倫/楊萱〉

  • 視線所及只剩真實 二十個凝視真實的房間金門大學〈廖嘉麒〉


Urban Planning

  • 都市疏伐 / Urban Thinning / 淡江大學〈江柏毅〉

  • 水物山行-獅潭新型態的場域體驗 / 大葉大學〈游佳瑜/劉丞智〉

  • 記,異 - 食憶築行 ;Footopia - wikiMEETia / 淡江大學〈黃心沂〉

  • 役使絕境 The Detour of the Errand 成功大學〈林彥甫〉

  • 九龙新生行动计划——重庆九龙半岛更新城市设计 / 东南大学〈徐金图/郭楚怡〉

  • 折叠洛阳-洛阳洛南天街里坊片区城市设计 / 西安建筑科技大学〈刘钰芃/冯宇晴〉

  • 枯土逢春四时清, 清居逸旅在市城。——基于恢复性城市理念的苏州山塘街西段及周边片区城市设计 /

  • 哈尔滨工业大学〈马敬博/董子烨/李姝潼/陈祉蔚〉

  • 機械裡的自由 Freedom within Machinery / 成功大學〈黃辰傑〉

  • 農村生活實驗場 / 文化大學〈陳宜呈〉

  • {CO} INHABITING THE WETLAND. ECO- regenerative systems for a new ecological urban model on the productive coastal edge / Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú〈Valeri Chavez Romero〉

※Finals listed above are order by submissionss

Accepted Submissions

Please make sure you are in the list, and confirm the registration group is correct. Any questions, please contact us

※The number only stands for serial number and no means the jury grouping. The jury grouping will be conducted and announced on this Friday ( July 15th ). 


Online Exhibition

野性的呼喚 : 谷關狩獵假期 The Call of the Wild:Guguan Hunting Holiday
坦白 Confession-城市鬱言 Whisper of the City Blues
鹽景別後輓歌 Sayonara, Salina!
The Renascence: Conservation & Redevelopment of Historical Ganja ( Cannabis) Mahal
津门新市井 —— 城市原点与当代生活
視線所及只剩真實 二十個凝視真實的房間 A view from the other side
都市疏伐 / Urban Thinning
記,異 / 食憶築行 Footopia / wikiMEETia
役使絕境 The Detour of the Errand
枯土逢春四时清, 清居逸旅在市城。——基于恢复性城市理念的 苏州山塘街西段及周边片区城市设计
機械裡的自由 Freedom within Machinery
{CO} INHABITING THE WETLAND ECO- regenerative systems for a new ecological urban model on the produc


 Note : juries listed below are in alphabetical order of the last names
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Applications procedures

※We suggest don't use the gmail account for registition.

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