Architecture Final

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從30件優選作品中選出3件給分,依序給予3分、2分、1分 (3分最好)。最終計算作品總分,依排名分數高者前3名獲獎。

Each jury picks the best three projects of their choice from 30 projects and grades them from 1 to 3 (3 being their favorite and 1 being their 3rd favorite).
We will calculate the total points of each project and rank them. The top 3 projects with the highest points are deemed TEAM20 Award. The highest project is deemed the First Place Winner. (If the projects happened to be of the same total grade, the one with the most 3s wins the one with the most 2s in grading wins, etc.).



Row 3

Row 5

Row 7

Row 9

3 points 3分


2 points 2分


1 points 1分


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