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A Grand Event in the Architecture and Planning Field

TEAM20 Architecture and Planning Graduation Projects Competition is an annual competition that focuses on graduation projects. We listen to what 20 something has to say about issues on architecture, urban and rural development, built environment issues and in general, man-land relationship. Started out in 2013 and will be celebrating our 8th year, we strive to expand the scope of our participating countries to boost more interactions and to create a better stage for the students.

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Announcement of Accepted Individual Submissions 

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Preliminary Competition Jury Grouping Lots Drawing


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Announcement of Nominees for The Finals

Trustworthy Award

In the past years, Team 20 had invited over 30 well-known post-secondary institutions to participate in this competition. Every institution will arrange two professionals, one from an architecture design background and the other one from an urban planning background, to represent its institution. TEAM20 Architecture and Planning Graduation Projects Competition surely is an event with great credibility, because we boast a jury panel that consists of 50 or more professionals and make sure that every steps of the competition are transparent. We will be inviting more post -secondary institutions and professionals around the world this year, so please don’t miss out on our upcoming exciting line-up!


Show us Your Best Work

A Summit for Distinguished Projects

Our value is to help ignite young generation’s spark and advocate their unique voices to the world. Graduation is not the end, but the start of a new chapter. Let’s take a look at our previous projects.

Strive for the Highest Honor

Team20 invites some of the best architecture schools around the world to participate in this year’s event. We have the best platform ready, and all we need now is your distinctive voice! Get your projects ready, we’ll see you at the competition!

Level up your Design Skills

Learning is a lifelong journey; whether you’re a student or a young architect, we are excited to know more about your projects and ideas, because everyone deserves a chance to be heard, and we strive to bring our your best to the world.

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